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When you come to settle your help to buy loan you will need to provide a valuation report provided by a registered Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuer.

We are registered RICS valuers and we are independent of an estate agent. Please contact us for a quote.

We undertake Help to Buy Valuations in Hook, Basingstoke, Tadley, Oakley, Winchester, Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough Reading and all of London.


The valuation must comply with the following criteria:

The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICs surveyor and addressed to Target HCA.

The value must provide three comparable properties and sale prices.

The comparables provided must be like for like in terms of type, size, age and within a 2 mile radius of the property that is being inspected.

The valuer must not be known to you.

The valuer must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report.

Valuations carrier out for bank or mortgage purposes are not acceptable.

A copy of the valuation report must be supplied to target, the inspection date must be shown on the report.

Please note: The RICS valuation will only be valued for three months. If the transaction does not complete within this time you will need to provide another valuation at your own cost. This further valuation can be a desktop valuation from the surveyor who originally inspected the property. It must be conducted and sent to Target within 2 weeks of the original valuation expiring and will only be valid for a further three months.

The criteria for a desktop valuation are:

The valuer must refer back to the original report and confirm the updated report is a desktop valuation. The valuer must be the original surveyor from the first inspection they do not need to re-inspect the property, but they must make a reference to the original report.

The valuer must provide at least 6 comparable properties and sale prices within the last year if the property has increased or decreased in value. If 6 are not available, your surveyor must state this clearly. Comparable properties used must be a similar house style.

The report must have a new date on it and be signed by the valuer.

The report must be on headed paper and provided in a PDF format or a non-editable document.

Desktop valuations will be allowed after the original valuation has expired for up to a further three months. If the desktop report expires and a total of six months has been reached and you are yet to complete your transaction you will need to re-inspect your property and a new RICS valuation report provided.

If it is considered that the valuation does not reflect accurately the market value, Target will contact you and may wish to speak to the RICS valuer. This may result in a revised market valuation. Target have the discretion where completion is imminent to approved one further month in exceptional circumstances.

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