Insurance Valuations

Insurance Valuations

We carry out insurance evaluations in:

Hook, Basingstoke, Tadley, Oakley, Winchester, Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough, Reading and all of London.


Our expert valuers provide accurate and fast valuations of domestic and commercial property for reinstatement insurance purposes.

Our expert insurance valuers manage the valuation process from start to finish to give you the peace of mind that in the event of an insurance claim you will be covered.

What is a reinstatement insurance?

This is insurance to cover the cost to repair, reconstruct or renew property to a condition equal to but not better than before the claim.

Why are up to date Insurance Valuations so Important?

An up to date valuation will ensure that the level of insurance cover provided is appropriate. You could be paying too much for your current policy.

Your current level of cover could be too low, if it is too low the application of valuation averages may be applied in the event of a claim which can result in underpayment of claims.

Clause of average is a policy condition that requires the amount of a claim payment to be reduced proportionately if you have not insured your property for the full value or replacement cost.

Below is an example:

Building insured for £500,000

The insurer makes an assessment that the rebuild value is £1,000,000, insurers liability is limited to 50% of an insurable loss.

A burst water pipe for example causing £50,000 of damage will result in a maximum payment of only £25,000 leaving you £25,000 out of pocket.

Accurate valuations often enable a simple and quick negotiation process with loss adjusters, which will speed up the settlement of a claim.

For further information about our valuation service, please contact us for a free quote.

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